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March 30, 2020


I participated in two Zoom meetings in the last several days that have raised some concern about how I was initially planning on compiling work for distance learning at this site. The State Epidemiologist is recommending that students and parents do not enter the building and only limited staff enter the building in order to help “flatten the curve” in the fight against COVID-19. Therefore, I am revising our plan in order to keep students, parents and faculty safe.

  1. I am requesting that all middle and high school teachers email me their assignment plans by this Thursday April 2nd.
  2. After the teachers have emailed me their plans, I will forward them to our technology director, Joe Clark, and he will place them in a folder on the school website at There will be a separate category for middle and high school students under the tab “distance learning” in the top left corner. Simply open the folder (middle or high school) and the document for lessons by each teacher will be in the file. The students will need a login and password to access the file. All work should be on the website by Monday April 6th.
  3. Mrs. Esta will send out an all call to our students later in the week with the login and password information. Students may submit assignments via email or however the teacher requests them.
  4. ONLY students who do not have access to the school website and call the school by Friday April 3rd and request a packet will receive one. We are not making packets for every student. Packets will be delivered curbside to those who request them on April 7th from 7 am to 7 pm. Everything should be easily accessed on the school website. The final due date for all assignments will be May 11th. Some assignments may need to be turned in on April 23rd as requested by their teacher.
  5. I will also compile a master list of teacher emails so that the students can communicate with teachers via email if they have any questions about their assignments. Most assignments need to be submitted by email if at all possible to avoid cross contamination. I would like to see every parent or student email all of their child’s teachers by Friday of this week so that a strong line of communication is established from the student to the teacher and vice-versa. Teachers may have the email addresses of some students but not all of them. A teacher’s email never changes but a parent or student e-mail can change several times throughout the year. The email address for your child in our system may not be accurate enough to receive and send assignments.  

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call or email me. I appreciate your flexibility during this unprecedented time in Oklahoma education!


Mr. Coulson




MISSION:  At Wellston Public Schools, we pursue educational excellence for all students.  We recognize that students, faculty, staff, and parents share the responsibilities for learning in a safe and developmentally sound environment. 



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