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Daily Schedule

               My husband and I going into Fantastic Caverans at Springfield, Missouri (2011). I am wearing a yellow shirt and my husband is across from me in a yellow plaid shirt and an orange OSU cap. We are towards the back.

8:00-First Bell- I will get my students from the multipurpose room (Lunch Room).

8:10-Tardy Bell-Attendance and Lunch Count- Calendar Work- Morning Work.

8:20-Math Meeting

8:30 to 9:00- Phonics- Reading (Start Smart Book will be first)- Grammar (Reading and Grammar will Start after Labor Day)

9:05 to 9:45- Plan Period- P.E. (Mon., Wed., and Fri.).- Tue. Art. -Thur. Library.

9:45- Drink Break

9:50- Finish Phonics and Reading then start Math.

11:20-11:40- Lunch


12:10- Story Time/Dink/Restroom time

12:30-12:45-Start Math Lesson

12:45-1:10 Computer Lab (Will start after Computer Testing)

1:10-Restroom/Drink Break

1:15-1:30- Finish Math

1:30-2:30-Centers and Small Groups

2:30-2:40- Science

2:40- Clean Up

2:50- First Bell- Bus Riders

2:55- Second Bell- Car Riders




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