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Parent Letter

Dear Parents/Families


I am excited to be your child's teacher this year. I can not wait to meet everyone and begin a new school year. This year will be different, but we are all working hard to adapt to these changes. I wanted to give you a little information that might be helpful. 


  1. WATER BOTTLES: Students need to bring a clear water bottle everyday! The water fountains will be closed. Water bottles MUST be taken home each day to be washed. . They will be sanitizing after school and I don’t want their water bottle getting sprayed. 

  2. SUPPLY FEES: Please send the supply fee on the first day of school.(Supplies will not be handed out until the fee is paid) If you choose to purchase supplies, purchase everything on the list and send it on the first day of school. 

  3. MASKS: Masks may be worn but are not required. It will be the students responsibility to keep up with their own mask. 

  4. EXTRAS: If your child brings extra crayons, notebooks, etc they will be required to keep them in their backpack. They have all the supplies they need and we do not have room for them to carry extra items around all day. 

  5. JACKETS/HOODIES:I recommend that your child bring a jacket or hoodie for the classroom. It stays a little chilly in my room so they might get cold. 

  6. LUNCH: NO parents are allowed to eat lunch with their child at this time. 

  7. HOMEWORK POLICY: All 4th and 5th Grade Teachers will be using a 3 strikes policy on homework. Homework is due first thing the next day after it is assigned. If they do not turn it in they will lose DOJO points for strike one. The second time they do not have homework turned in, they will lose recess for strike two. The third time homework is not turned in they will receive after school detention that day or the following day. I will call you to find out which day would be better. After School detention is from 3:10 until 3:45pm. A parent will need to pick their child up at 3:45pm. 

  8. CLASS DOJO: There are many unknowns at this time. When new information becomes available I will pass it along. Class Dojo is the best way to stay connected with me. I have sent an invite to the first contact on the student enrollment form. If you would like to join another parent you may do so. 

  9. BIRTHDAY FUND: We are trying to eliminate the amount of stuff coming into the building. We will have a birthday fund of donations. Once a month I will purchase cupcakes/cookies to celebrate all the birthdays that month. If you would like to donate to the birthday fund please send the money in a marked envelope so I know what it's for. 


If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email or contact me through CLASS DOJO.



Cindy Webb

(405) 356-2256


Cindy Webb

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