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About Sheila Rogers

Educational History:

I graduated as a Salutatorian from Midwest City High School in Midwest City, Oklahoma in 1982. I attended Oklahoma State University on an academic scholarship from the Fall of 1982 until the Spring of 1984.  I enrolled at Rose State College for the Fall semester of 1984 and then transferred to Central State University (now the University of Central Oklahoma)  in the Spring of 1985.  I graduated from Central State University in May of 1987.


Degrees and Certifications:

I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Central State University in 1987 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Studies.  I was chosen Outstanding Undergraduate Student in the History Department for that year, an award I was honored to receive.

I hold a Standard Teaching Certificate in the following areas:  American History, Conservation of Natural Resources, Democracy, Economics, Geography, International Problems, Oklahoma History, Sociology/Anthropology, U.S. Government, and World History. 


Current Position:

I began my teaching career at Wellston Public Schools in the Fall of 1987.  Wellston Public Schools was the site of my first and only interview for a teaching position.  By the time I had driven back home to Forest Park, Mr. Mike Telford, the principal who had interviewed me, was on the telephone offering me a teaching position which I gladly accepted.  I had applied to all the high schools east of the OKC metro area upon graduating and had followed up those applications with  telephone calls.  One afternoon around 4:00 I lucked into catching Wellston’s Superintendent at the time, Thomas Crawley, and  had a nice conversation with him.  He informed me that Wellston was looking into hiring a non-coaching Social Studies teacher for the upcoming school year.  He advised me to call back in August to check up on this.  I did—it just so happened to be on the day that the final decision was made to create such a position.  I asked for an interview, and the rest was history, no pun intended.  I have been here for 33 years now, having never applied at any time anywhere else.

For school year 20-21, I am teaching these classes:  one section of Middle School Civics, two sections of High School Civics, two sections of Oklahoma History, and one section of World Geography.


Family Info:

My husband and I attended the same Junior High School in Midwest City—we were Monroney Thunderbirds!  We did not start dating until the beginning of our Senior year—in 1981.  We dated for six years until I graduated from college and secured a teaching position.  We waited to get married until Fall Break arrived—it was Thursday, October 15th, 1987.  Some of my seventh grade students brought me a cake to celebrate the day before.  I left as Miss Bryant and came back as Mrs. Rogers.  

My husband and I have three children:  Leslie, Jamie and Aaron.  I went into labor with Leslie, my oldest,  while on my planning period here at school.  It was about 10:30 in the morning and I refused to leave until the end of the school day because I wanted to make sure it was for real.  I was ten days overdue at this point so looking back on that, it was not the smartest decision I’ve ever made.  I tried to keep what was going on from my students, but they figured it out when I would have a contraction and have to stop talking.  I talk a lot, it seems.  

All three of my children attended Wellston Public Schools.  Leslie left after her Sophomore year to attend the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics.  She graduated from there in 2008, the third and last Wellston student (so far) to do so.  Jamie graduated from Wellston High School in 2011 as did Aaron in 2016. 

I am a life-long horse lover.  I have three Quarterhorses—all purchased in 2006 for my children.  They are getting on in years, but they are members of the family and are like having large dogs around.  I have one dog right now, a gigantic Rottweiller that the vet put on a diet recently because she weighs 150 pounds, and two fat cats as well—according to the vet.  One weighs 20 pounds, so he has a point.  Animals tend to not go hungry often around our house—people too, for that matter. 


Personal Info:

I suppose I’m not really a hobby person—I used to cross stitch, crochet, and sew a bit.  I am a big reader.  I love to keep up with all things political going on in the world.  I enjoy my animals and mowing the grass.



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