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Elementary Principal's Message

Dear Parents,


Thank you for your patience as we work to meet the educational needs of your students in an unprecedented manner.


Parents may pick up student items and distance-learning information Tuesday through Wednesday (3/31-4/1) from 7AM to 3PM.  Library books and textbooks need to be turned in at this time. Per ever-changing directives, parents will need to stay in their vehicles.  School staff will deliver information packets and student belongings to vehicles.  To help the process move as smoothly as possible, please be prepared to give student names, grades, and teacher names to workers (information written on paper to pass to workers would be very helpful). We will work as quickly and efficiently as possible; please be patient with the process.  If someone is unable or prefers not to come to the school during these times, information packets will be posted on the school website and belongings may be picked up in August.


Information packets will include instructions from Ms. Jennifer Hull for accessing/using IXL from home and ideas to encourage distance-learning from Specials teachers.


Among items included in bags are school supplies, student work, and notes from teachers.  Teachers have outlined how distance-learning will look for each classroom; however, this plan may change.  We realize adjustments may need made as we work in a new system, but we are also working under constantly changing directives from the state department of education. I will keep the elementary webpage on updated for whole-building information.  Ms. Hull will also post these updates to the elementary Facebook page.  Please email your classroom teachers for classroom specific questions/information (all email addresses are listed on the school website).


Please take the time to review information that has been put together so that we are prepared to begin distance-learning on April 6th.  Thank you again for practicing patience and pursuing academic excellence as we all work together during this extraordinary time.




Alisha M. Wallace

“If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing well.”   – Eric Liddell